Drink But Think Project

DRINK BUT THINK was my Year 3 University Personal Project. – The task was to create a new campaign informing students/young drinkers aged 18-30 on responsible drinking. I decided to do this in a different approach to current anti-drinking campaigns by targeting people who go out with the sole purpose of getting drunk, but rather than boring them with the facts and figures on alcohol limits and facts of how bad alcohol is for you, but instead inform people about drinking safely and going out having a good time as well as a safe time. By using typography posters with slogans with sensible messages to influence people into drinking responsibly, by changing their drinking habits and attitude towards alcohol. For this project I had to create from scratch; Brand guidelines, Brand identity, Logo, Print Campaign, Social sites, Online Campaign, Web layout and supporting essay and presentation.

Project Brand Guidelines -> DRINKBUTTHINK-BrandGuidelines

Print Campaign –

ChapelEnforce poster?Enforce poster?Enforce poster?ShotDownEnforce poster?MatesMatterMatesMatter

Online Campaign –


Web Layout –